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*We lend against the value of the vehicle. Must be free of finance and of sufficient value.

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All you need is a vehicle free of finance and in your own name and proof you can afford to repay the loan

How Does it Work


What Are Logbook Loans?

We can provide cash immediately on your successful application. Simply call us or apply online to arrange a logbook loan today.

  • We hold your logbook (V5 document) as security until the short term loan is repaid in full. However during the term of the log book loan the vehicle remains in your possession and your use whilst you make payments due. Your V5 Document is returned when you have completed repayment.
  • You can borrow from £500 to £50,000.
  • Loans can be arranged for a minimum of 1 month, our standard agreements run over 18 months but longer terms can be agreed if suitable.
We will hold onto you logbook until your loan has been repaid and then your logbook will be returned to you. Your enquiry and application will be treated in strict confidence

Loan Example

Logbook Loan Example Payments

Our short term logbook loans can be taken over a minimum of one month and maximum of 7 months. We secure the loan against the value of the car. You get to keep the vehicle during the loan period. There are no credit bank or credit checks necessary. All that we require the car is in your name and free of finance.

  • Month 1 @ 20%
  • Month 3 @ 30%
  • Month 5 @ 50%
  • Month 7 @ 70%
  • + £50 = £550
  • + £150 = £650
  • + £250 = £750
  • + £350 = £850
  • £1500
    + £150 = £1,650
  • + £450 = £1,950
  • + £750 = £2,250
    + £1,050 = £2,550
389% Representative APR
Remember - Pay Early Pay Less There are NO settlement fees!
Get the cash in 1 hour and you keep the vehicle...

What We Require

Am I eligible for a logbook loan?

You must be the owner of the vehicle
Your must be aged 18 or over
Your vehicle will need to be clear of finance
You can afford to make the repayments
You must reside in the UK
You must be able to provide proof of income

What do I need to bring

The original logbook
Copy of Driving License and or Passport
Copy of MOT and Insurance
2 Utility Bills (not older than 3 months)
Your spare key may be requested
Wage slips or bank statements proving your income

Alison from this company was extremely flexible and made the ordeal of having to use this method of borrowing money bearable.

David Boardman
Friendly , efficient and great customer service

Dealing with Alyson at logbook lending is effortless she makes the effort every time to try and help or assist with my requests.
Many other companies out there but I return a customer due to the fast friendly service.

John Harrison
Unequivocal business

No strings attached, in your face service. APR is clear to see and had no trouble with payments. Mr Paul Zimbler was very helpful and upfront and even insisted I only take out a loan if absolutely necessary. Completely ethical and unambiguous, I would highly recommend logbook lending to anyone who is in the situation I was in. Thanks


Why Use

No early settlement fees
Pay early pay less
Employment records not checked
Bad credit, CCJ’s, arrears, defaults
Established 30 years
No hidden extras
Fast,friendly and professional service
Confidentiality assured

Responsible Lending Policy

Logbook Lending is a member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association and therefore compliant with it’s recently released ‘Code of Practice’. We are committed to ethical and responsible lending and to providing the highest levels of professional customer service.


Apply Now to Get Cash in 1 Hour

All you need is a vehicle free of finance and in your name and proof that you can meet the necessary repayments.